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an art workshop for schools

taught by London based artist and poet ‘The Frustrative’. The workshop aims to teach students how to process frustration and rejection, turning something negative into something positive and producing a piece of artwork that is totally unique to them.


young people 

deal with a lot of frustration growing up. Learning how to vent these feelings can be difficult. Not making the sports team, low grades, pushy parents, SOCIAL MEDIA, young love, etc, etc. So when us adults say “I remember school, not a care in the world”, this isn’t exactly true. 


With a dramatic rise in mental health issues, learning how to process sadness and rejection is needed now more than ever. The benefits of having a creative outlet enables young people to grow into a confident adult, teaching them how to face problems and find healthy solutions.   

the frustrative 

spent 12 long years in London’s creative advertising industry, working as an art director. Having had enough of the barrage of rejection that goes with the job, he broke free and began to create art from his rejected campaign ideas. Initially collaging, then applying abstraction and words to create chaos expressionism. 


This process evolved into a kind of therapy for the artist, helping to reignite a sense of self worth and fulfillment. He now regularly exhibits in London and writes about his past experiences through short stories and poetry.

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workshop schedule

Morning or afternoon session lasting 3 hours with a break in the middle.


A small presentation from the artist to introduce himself and talk about his background, the progression 

from advertising creative to artist, and how beneficial it’s been for him to identify and address his frustrations.

Artist’s process

The artist will then explain his process and show some of his work, highlighting the different stages he goes through.

Student’s frustrations

Students will write down or share their own frustrations. 

Making a start

The students will then start working on their own piece, collaging their frustrations and thinking about what they want to focus on.


Guidance will be offered to students that are struggling to make a start (the hardest part of the process).


More help

Talk to each student individually about their work and offer help progressing the piece if needed.



Once they have finished their piece, each artist would be asked to write an evaluation of their work.

Show and tell

At the end of the workshop each artist (if they would like to) will be invited to present their finished piece to the class.


Morning or afternoon session lasting 3 hours with a break in the middle.

3 hour workshop (without materials) 


3 hour workshop (with materials) 


Materials list: 

Canvas, cardboard or wood panel, paper, PVA glue, acrylic paint, oil pastels, acrylic pens, ink markers, brushes, mini rollers, palette knives.


1. Potential for an in-depth study of an artist, which can be used for coursework.


2. Better understanding of how to deal with frustration and rejection.


3. Addressing the importance of having a creative outlet and positive mental health.


4. Creating a piece of artwork completely unique to you.


If you are interested in booking a session please email 

For more of the artist's work check out his Instagram  

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