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Morning Muse by Poet Curious

  • Photography Exhibition 2022 Official Selection

    Portrait of country-blues singer Simeon Hammond Dallas shot on an iPhone basking in autumn morning sunlight. This image is a study of calm and chaos. Simeon is captured on an iPhone while scrolling on her own. The photographer is seen in the reflection, seemingly standing over Simeon. Notions of power and dominance are present, but also the allusion of consent due to the context in which it is created and relationship between the artist and subject. The abstract chaotic markings on the glass glinting in the morning sunlight echo the movement and noise of Camden Town (Simeon's home) while the sunlight streaming into the frame, coupled with Simeon's pose evoke ideas of vacation, relaxation and escape. 


    Limited Edition Print, signed by the artist 59.4x84.2cm (unframed)


    Please email for a delivery quote.

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