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juggling keys and penny chews

pockets lay open

for wondering eyes

and pointed toes

and jackals

and hoes,

and small children with sticky fingers 

wonder the isles,

lime green jumpers

and handfuls of time

await me when I emerge from the tunnel

blue skies are nice to look at

trees are kinds of green

train stations bore me

electricity finds me

and a cat called Henry

sits down beside me

blue streams of filth catch my eye

and darkness juggles my heavy heart

it stops me moving forward,

it laughs


It Laughs

  • 150 x 100cm mixed media on canvas

    'It Laughs' is from the series 'Derailed'. A visual representation of a collection of poetry the artist has written while on late night trains home. The series looks at the inner turmoil of a Creative working in a commercial environment.


    100 x 150cm mixed media on canvas.

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