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From Then by Mike Glynn

  • Photography Exhibition 2022 Official Selection

    During a trip to attend a friend’s wedding in Austin, TX, I found myself needing a break following a busy work year. With a free few days I took the 7 hour drive to Marfa in West Texas, a sleepy town that had found itself to be a haven for creatives looking to 'lay flat.' After a sleepy Tuesday in my tent I strolled into town to find most of the town closed with the sun setting in the expansive Texan sky. With the light slowly slipping away I saw a fading image that I had been sold a million times in classic American movies; the neighbourhood, the gorgeous old ford pickup and a quiet street punctuated with telegraph poles. It was exactly what I had dreamed it would be - Mike Glynn


    Limited Edition Print, signed by the artist 42x59.4cm with white border (unframed)


    Please email for a delivery quote.

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